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Self Pay Info & Advantages

Advantages of Self Pay

• Find a therapist quickly: Many people have trouble finding a therapist through their insurance.

• Avoid a diagnostic history: Insurance claims (in or out of network) require a psychiatric diagnosis, which will permanently remain in your medical history. In addition, the Medical Information Bureau maintains a central database of confidential information used  mainly by underwriters when one applies for life, health, disability, long-term care or critical illness insurance. Your file may include your psychiatric diagnosis. MIB is required to purge files every 7 years.

• Protect your privacy: Once you file a claim, that information is available to all involved in processing your claim. If the claim is in network and your coverage allows a specific number of visits, your therapist will have to discuss your case with insurance employees in order to negotiate additional sessions. This means revealing progress updates.   Please note:  I make every effort to release only the minimal information neccessary for the purpose requested.  Some people are not comfortable with this sharing of information and is a major reason I suggest considering private pay as an option.

• You stay in control: A clerk at the insurance company cannot tell you how long you can stay in therapy or what your treatment should entail. Those decisions remain to be made mutually between you and your therapist.

• Focus is on you: Your therapist can concentrate on your needs and not be sidetracked by submitting claims, often more than once, and sitting through lengthy phone calls to argue the need for more therapy or correct frequent payment delays and errors.

Self Pay Rates:

$150.00 per Initial Diagnostic/Consultation Session
$120.00 per 60 Minute Session Individual Therapy Session
$140.00 per 60 minute Couples Therapy Session
$  70.00 per 30 Minute Session

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