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About Me and My Approach

I am a graduate of WVU and have been practicing therapy in the Morgantown area since 1998.  I love that I get to do such gratifying and rewarding work for a living in such a beautiful state.  Yes....I am one of those people that came to WV for college, fell in love with the state and never left!  New York was too cold anyway....

My approach to therapy is highly personalized, collaborative, compassionate and non-judgemental.  Appropriate boundaries and ethical behavior are paramount to how I conduct my practice and connnect with my clients.    I enjoy taking into account the influence of gender, culture and ethnicity--All these things and more shape how we interact interpersonally and how we face challenges.

To quote Albert Sweitzer   "Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.... We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within a chance to go to work."  I trust people to know themselves (or have the potential to know themselves) better than anyone else.  We work TOGETHER in therapy.   

Theoretical orientation wise, I lean toward research supported methods; mainly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but, I am also learning and interested in Emotionally Focused Therapy and Acceptance Therapy.

Above all, I love and feel honored to do what I do for a living.



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